08 Mar

Introducing the team, Phillip told uk and the audience: "I think we should get our team out here.

Addressing some of the worst chat up lines she and others on the show had ever received, the 31-year-old let slip that one she had once been sent a seriously crude chat-up line from a random guy on the dating app."The worst chat-up line I've heard is 'I've got a purple dome that needs a home" she confessed.

Winnipeg police have apologized and launched an investigation after officers flying in a helicopter mistakenly broadcast a cockpit conversation that one person says referred to a sex act. Jason Michalyshen said three officers were on routine patrol Monday night when they inadvertently turned on the chopper's public address system.

They didn't know many in the city could hear their workplace chatter which witnesses said ranged from swearing to talking about money and sex.

"The Winnipeg Police Service, the flight operations unit and the involved members sincerely apologize to all members of the public, especially those who overheard the broadcast." Michalyshen was tight-lipped about details of the incident but said some of the remarks in the conversation were inappropriate.

The matter is being reviewed by the police service and disciplinary action could be taken as a result, he said.