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04 May

The allocation of resources is thought to influence nearly all the major structures and functions of an organism, is affected by an array of interacting physiological pathways, varies across the lifetime of the organism, and interacts with many different environmental factors.This underlying complexity makes identifying most of the causative genetic variants very challenging.elegans responds and remembers the temperature at which was raised; 2) analyze the neural dynamics of a compound motor sequence that is evoked by touch; 3) determine the neural requirements of calcium channels chemosensation.These experiments are an ideal introduction to Calcium imaging optogenetics in a genetically tractable organism with a defined neural wiring diagram.While the physiological mechanisms underlying the metabolism and allocation of nutrients are fairly well understood and many of the major genes encoding the proteins in these physiological pathways are known, very little is known about the source of natural variation in allocation.

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For the first days, we will introduce students to the nematode C. Students will work with different experimental set-ups that will allow us to explore a variety of C. We will analyze behavior in response to thermal, mechanical and chemical stimuli.The results of these approaches allow us to elucidate mechanisms of retinal degeneration and evaluate gene therapeutic strategies.In our projects, we combine molecular biology with protein biochemistry and cell biology to study sensory cell functions.These optogenetic experiments will be used to define neural requirements of sensory processing.Students will use these techniques to determine 1) how C.