Dating yellow pages biz

28 Jan

Luckily for all though, this little thing called ‘The Internet’ was invented and businesses far and wide celebrated cost effective advertising and marketing solutions that actually worked…. Uhhm, in a nutshell, NO, unless you’re the type that loves flinging dollar bills off of country bridges….Listing your company name, number, and domain address is fine.You have different shopping habits in urban markets than in suburban and rural markets.

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One has to wonder though if they ever bother to calculate their returns or they are doing this out of habit.”Neg Norton, the president of the Local Search Association pointed to differences in local usage to partially account for the books’ existence: “We are seeing printed Yellow Pages usage decline as you would expect. We see a much stronger use of directories in surburban and rural markets.With the rise of local search sites, social media, and mobile directories, the physical Yellow Pages books delivered to consumers’ doors — long a staple of local marketing — are quickly becoming obsolete.According to data from the In a recent post on his blog, Mike Blumenthal mused about when directory companies might finally turn the corner and just stop printing the books, writing: “The print YP are no longer a local advertising medium catering to local business.Through sheer force of habit, the physical Yellow Pages is where my parents and their friends go to find information about local services — they will never change.My friends and I go online either on our PC’s or, increasingly, our smartphones. I expect the last Yellow Pages book will be printed within five years, if hyperlocal mobile advertising takes off as predicted.” Tim Judd, CEO, e Local Listing D-Day: December 31, 2015 “It’s hard to predict a clean cut-off date but I’d expect that by December 31, 2015 we will see many of the books gone, especially in larger DMAs.