Great expectations dating service rated

04 Apr

According to the lawsuit, during the scheduled appointment, consumers claimed that the sales representatives gave positive statistics about potential matches and the availability of quality singles who meet consumers’ specifications.

In some instances, the experience was described as “being a kid in a candy store.” The suit states that consumers were told that “there are over 175,000 Great Expectation members nationwide, 4,000 members here, at this King of Prussia location alone. we had 300 marriages of members from our center last year alone!

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” The defendants’ representatives also claimed, “We have thousands of people who will meet your qualifications.” In reality, the number of singles available for dating and the number of marriages that resulted from those matches was substantially less than represented.

“Consumers paid significant sums of money for services and results that were grossly overstated and misrepresented,” Corbett said.

Y., Inc., the entity that contracted with plaintiffs, was a New York business, and the transactions in question occurred in New York. Interested members may use this website to initiate and facilitate contacts with other mutually interested members.Rates for Membership Membership varies by state and location.Fill in the short questionnaire and you will be contacted with options and pricing.The Bellevue company agreed to a settlement that restricts how it markets its services and to provide partial refunds to unsatisfied customers.The documents, filed today in King County Superior Court, do not include an admission or finding of wrongdoing.