Dating doormat

21 Apr

A sign that you are a "spare tire", is that they don't act very into or excited about you and they sometimes don't follow through with plans. I am a good, nice woman and the guy I dated seemed like a nice, good guy. Then he went away on medical leave, came back, and it was just like he forgot we were dating. Just accept that it's over (these things happen), and move on. As to why he would lead you on, it's really only our guess. He texted me once and did say he wanted to hang out when he got better. Later on, I called him, but I didn't get any response. Except when he was leading me on and asking me out but never making plans. So why would a guy take the time to date me, then lie about wanting to get together again, lead on, ect and not actually want to date or be each others bf/gf and then start a relationship with somebody else(if in fact that's what he did). I know that hurts because a guy did that to me too once. How long was he gone, and did you talk to him during that time? Maybe he likes you only moderately, and he was keeping you on the back burner while getting to know other women. I knew a woman whose bf did this to her, and dragged on the pretense for years. Best to just face the truth, take time to grieve the loss if you have to, and get on with your life. Ask him why he treated you that way but it sounds like there was no contact for the entire time he was gone on medical leave which would be my first clue that he really was not interested in a long term relationship anyway. window.p2e Popover Loaded){ var p2e Cookie Name = "p2e Popover ID_139-8262624-2322927"; var read Cookie = function(cookie Name); var validate With Cookie = function(cookie Name); function write P2ECookie() if (!validate With Cookie(p2e Cookie Name)) var p2e_modal = create Modal(modal); if (p2e_modal !It’s true—if you link up your lives, it’s just not sustainable for a man to pay for you every single time you get popcorn at the movies or a pack of gum on a road trip.He may even let you foot the bill on meals sometimes.

Many would say he is a doormat who lets her walk all over him. Doormats are what they call the nice guys they have an opportunity to date after they break up with the ahole, pig, jerk so they can have an excuse to go out and find another a-hole, pig, jerk.

We want to be the cushion our man rests his head on after a long day.

We want to be the easiest part of his life, his support system and his unrelenting comfort.

The "doormat" approach to mate hunting is based upon the basic idea that you can BUY appreciation and affection directly, through behavioral bribes.

So the first and most important step is, to recognize that THAT is what you have been trying to do, and to genuinely realize how stupid and objectifying of others that approach is.