Help disabled people dating tweet

03 May

Show Off – If you have a great body you’re trying to show off and young physical appearance, yet worry because you still seem to have difficulty finding dates and establishing relationships, here are some pointers. Others tend to see that as boorish and think you only care about yourself, not others and certainly not them.

The first thing to remember is that when you fall for someone you fall for the whole person, warts and all.Chemistry, personality, humour and shared interests all work together and everyone has something they’re not happy with.It could be an physical feature, or it could be something less obvious, like a bad temper or embarrassing taste in films.In fact, the issues faced by people with disabilities may not always differ vastly from those faced by their able-bodied counterparts.For Ms Goh, her desire to find out more about dating as she entered her teens prompted her to go online to read articles and join forums and chat groups that catered to dating as a person with disabilities.