Updating an outdated computer system would be an example of

24 May

The longer you wait to update, the harder it will be. Changes might be made to templates and how data is stored in the database that are more easily managed in increments.Also, more importantly, updates can be critical for security.Security issues are regularly identified in various parts of the Windows operating system, including Active X, Internet Explorer, . Even if you do not run the respective software, it is a risk not to patch it, simply because it is installed on your system.Note that these updates are required, even if you are running anti-malware or anti-virus software, as that software may not sufficiently protect you from Windows security issues.In case you are still not convinced, let me elaborate a little more on the three main reasons why you should install the latest Windows security patches and updates.Hardly any code is perfect and sooner or later weaknesses will be identified.The code that makes up the Windows operating system contains security loop holes, errors, incompatibilities, or outdated software elements. The latest Windows security patches fix the vulnerabilities and errors in Windows and associated software, and they occasionally add new features.This essentially summarizes why you should regularly run a Windows Update.

Here is a description of a cumulative security update published in December 2011: Security issues have been identified in Active X controls that could allow an attacker to compromise a system running Microsoft Internet Explorer and gain control over it.I have been searching, but have been unable to find the answer to a question that has been puzzling me since I got my 1st Windows 8 job--does Adobe Acrobat Reader, NOT require security (patch) updating (because of differences between the Windows 8 operating system and previous editions)?I was just trying to follow the instructions on the Adobe Security Bulletin (9/10/13): BUT, I can't find a version number for Reader, anywhere in the (Windows 8) system.Even deactivated themes and plugins can leave your system vulnerable.Following are best practices for keeping your site up to date.