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27 Apr

Dronon was unable to make Midwest Fur Fest the following year, so Sem Jay picked Alkali as his replacement.

Alkali and Sem Jay have hosted the show together ever since.

We can then work on getting ourselves into the final three.

Hopefully I can trust you and you're not truly a Villain.

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Some people just come to watch, but many join in on the various games.

When Alkali and Sem Jay cannot make it to a convention together, the one that's going will host the show alone, but with the help of close friends.

The original show at Midwest Fur Fest 2006 had about 60 attendees; more recently at Anthrocon 2010 over 300 people attended.

Parvati: I think you should write Parvati's name down and send her home...*Stop reading* Why's everyone throwing me under the bus and not knowing what's going on over here?!

Because I've been running and running from the time I was a little kid, to slow down and go inside and find out: Who am I?