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Alexandria played an important role in preserving and transmitting Hellenic culture to the wider Mediterranean world and was a crucible of scholarship, piety, and ecclesiastical politics in early Christian history.Although it has been asserted that Alexandria declined as a result of its conquest by Muslim Arabs in the 7th century , such a statement is misleading.Supported by funds from private sources he started operations at Abydos in 1895, working westwards until he reached a low spur of the desert known as Umm el-Ka'ab 'Mother of Pots' after the innumerable potsherd covering the surface.In this remote spot, a full mile distant from the cultivation, he came upon a cluster of brick pit-tombs which subsequently proved to have belonged to the kings of the 1st and 2nd Dynasties.

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As late as the 15th century, the city prospered as a transit point in the trade conducted between the Beginning in the 16th century, however, the city suffered a period of protracted decline owing to epidemic disease and administrative neglect; by the end of the 18th century, traces of Alexandria’s former splendour had largely vanished. Stars and Stripes, 1952.(3) "2nd Armored Cavalry Regimental Combat Team, Germany, 1954." 2nd ACR Yearbook. (5) "2nd Armored Cavalry, 1962-1963." 2nd ACR Yearbook. 116th Anniversary of the 2d Armored Cavalry," Public Information Office, 2nd A/C Regiment.A platoon from B-42 fulfilled an additional task by guarding the German Prisoner Brigade Viechech.It was a disappointment to the men of the Second when the 4th Armored Division, to the south of the group sector, made first contact with the Russians.