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19 Apr

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Its beyond frustrating though as a man I find few women respond, many are superficial brain dead liberals, and even if you can find one to meet you have to play this stupid game of superficial small talk.

I actually got dumped by a white woman on there once who told me I was racist for saying I wouldn't marry and have kids with a non-white woman.

We both want to give this a true chance, and I am just very nervous.

I don't know what it is going to be like when he is gone.

I finally have my pip appeal after almost 5 months of waiting, i rung today on the off chance and the lady on the phone told me the letter was sent out yesterday, and then gave me the date 28th April 2pm she must have thought I was a right nutter because I constantly thanked her and almost cried lol, the relief I'm feeling at the moment is unbelievable, now going to get myself prepared for it, is there any advice people can give me?

With regard to a live in yard manager would living in the house be suitable? We have been dating for a year, I have met his family, he just told me he loves me, things are going great. And no comment on any decision making in the household. So many people come to this board and post how they LOVE the Dominican culture when in fact they know very little about it.I am just wondering what advice people have for an inter-cultural relationship? A dominican man expects from his lady the following: 1. House needs to be cleaned every weekend inside/out (sporadic cleaningduring the weekdays. All they go by is that people smile and are very friendly and that most good men will treat you like a lady but again make sure you find out what is expected of you. Post here about family related issues such as parenting, blended families, step-families, new relationships with children involved, family of origin issues, in-laws or sibling issues., badmemory, Bananapeel, bandit.45, banshee42475, barbados, Baseballmom6, Betrayed Dad, Betrayedone, Bibi1031, bikermehound, bkyln309, blissness, Broken_in_Brooklyn, brooklyn Ann, bryanp, Buddy400, Butt Punch, Caged Tiger, Cat Jay Bird, chatabox, chillymorn69, Chuck71, cjohnson22, Ckone1800, collin8550, Colt_blue, confusedgirl7, Cooper, Daily Grind, Daisy12, dan13732, Daniel Trombetta, Danny4133, dash74, Day One, Decimated, Decorum, deepseeker9, deepsouth, DEMI6, Devastated an lost, dianaelaine59, dilemma58, Don't Panic, Dualvans Mommy, Duke, , Feminist In Pink, Finwe, fishengdan, Florida ITguy, Fozzy, gaumab1, goingsolo12, goldstandard, gr8ful1, Graywolf2, Guth, Guy In Colorado, Happyrokgirl, harrybrown, Heartbroken W, heavy_dirty_soul, Hendrix, Herschel, honcho, hope4family, im6be9, introvert, Jamie296, jaquen, Jchris, JDubs34, , meson, messengeroflove, mhalbert14, micawber, minimum, Mizzbak, mlw4870, Moving-on, Moving Forward, Mr.I know for many people the only dating site that has lots of local men/women is plenty of fish.