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23 Feb

Britain is thought to be a particularly popular destination as terminations can be carried out as late as 24 weeks into a pregnancy.

In several other EU countries, abortions cannot be carried out after 12 weeks.” “It may have become traditional for angels, three wise men and the baby Jesus to play a starring role in the festive season.

The Toronto Catholic hospital has a history of supporting the gay pride agenda.The iron mines located here helped fuel the Carolina Piedmont's first major industry--ironworks--which employed hundreds of slaves and skilled workers and produced everything from kettles to cannons. Many historians also believe this was a stop for runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad. In 1999 it was revealed that the hospital was listed as a “bronze” level sponsor of Gay Pride Week in Toronto, having donated a significant sum of money to the event.”“Thousands of the women are thought to have come to Britain specifically for the procedure, which is illegal in Poland.People coming to Britain as temporary workers are given a National Insurance number, which allows them to register with a doctor and have NHS treatment.