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07 Feb

V-DATE, THE UNDEAD DATING SERVICE Silver Harris is done with clingy men—maybe men altogether.

But when she shares a toe-curling kiss with a sexy Irish vampire on New Year's Eve, she decides maybe it's human men she's done with.

But, when old demons resurface—literally— Logan isn't sure he can shield either of them from the dangers that have been lying in wait for centuries.

Undead Dating Service Series: Dating the Undead (Book 1)Romancing the Undead (Book 2) 03/27/2017Charming and racy romance meets rousing mystery in the deft launch of Lyons’s paranormal erotic series, set in present-day London.

That being said, I did like that the characters mostly carried the story - I do like heavy character plot than actual story plot sometimes since I tend to have a habit of getting deeply invested in the who is who, how, and why they are the way they are, their backgrounds and histories and all the little tid bits that tend to get left in the wind in a lot of books.

Dating the Undead includes a lot of past history but sadly not really in the way I was hoping.

Maybe you loved your Demon's partying ways—at first—but now you're just in hell and ready for a change.

How do you lose an immortal in ten days when he's going to live forever? " On the flip side, how do you lure that luscious immortal when he refuses to date outside his species? Enjoy this journey into the thrilling world of true paranormal romance.

So, if you fear looking at 27 coffins instead of 27 dresses, check out "Angelic Etiquette for Modern Gals and Ghouls," where you'll learn critical dos and don'ts.Silver Harris doesn’t let the men she dates get too close, and they still manage to let her down.When she meets stunning Irish vampire Logan Byrne, she’s swept away despite herself, but she doesn’t get his number.As a whole Dating the Undead didn't quite feel totally fleshed out or expanded in areas I felt could have used a little extra attention and a little long in areas I felt could have been done without all together however I still liked our h/h, I liked their journey together even with the whole little too heavy too obsessed too soon.I let that go so I could sit back and enjoy the ride without paying much attention to the road signs on the trip.