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04 Apr

Bush her resignation, but was so buoyed by her visit with Mac Kay in the Maritimes that she returned to Washington a new woman.

Condoleeza Rice ordered George Bush to stay away from Washington after the 9/11 attacks before hanging up the phone on him, she has revealed. She told a Channel 4 documentary to be screened next Saturday, on the ninth anniversary of the attacks: 'The President got on the phone and he said: "I'm coming back." 'I said: "You cannot come back here.She's also an incredible classical pianist, an avid golfer and a die-hard football fan—some people thought she'd be National Football League commissioner by now!, shows just how deeply she was shaped by her upbringing in a tight-knit family in the deeply segregated South in the 1950s and 1960s. CONDOLEEZZA RICE: Yeah, it really took no time at all. I was an academic who took a couple of detours, because I've been at Stanford since I was just barely 26 years old. It was great to get back to kind of where I think I belong. CONDOLEEZZA RICE: I miss some of the people with whom I worked every day.Rice revealed in her memoirs the goods times she shared in Nova Scotia over 24 hours led to a change of heart.“I have been doing this too long, I thought.Tomorrow I am going to tell the President that I want to leave at the end of the year.