Updating and resume and retirees

15 Feb

When you haven’t thought about your resume in a while, it can be tough to update it.

You may feel out of touch with new formats and wonder exactly what you should include.

Because job openings for reliable team members, frequently in part-time capacities, are more plentiful than they are for mavericks, you want to project the persona of a member of a team striving toward a common goal.

While there are no guarantees in life, including retirement, adherence to our tips concerning resumes for retirees can give you a fighting chance in the boxing ring of the employment arena."If you're still using the same resume format you used a few years ago, you should change it to something more suited to the positions you're currently pursuing -- not those you had after graduation." Also, make your resume available in several formats -- text only, Microsoft Word and PDF."There's a good use for each of these formats," Milligan says.

If you took even one course in any of these subjects five years ago, this will interest them more than your tax background.3.

Update Your References Week represents a time to empower your career through your employment references tune up.

You will want to check your list of professional references to make sure you have selected appropriate individuals to maximize your candidacy and that all contacts are up-to-date.

Now’s also a good time to talk to friends and acquaintances who work in your target industry or organization.

You want to learn as much as you can before you sit down to update your resume.