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21 May

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and since 2012 we could feel the huge difference year by year until we decided sadly that this is not for us anymore and we did not return since Rover - I know what you mean.

When I was there many, many years ago also in October, a guy followed me along the sidewalk insisting I buy an umbrella (it was cloudy). He kept following me still insisting I buy an umbrella. Truth be told, I have been excited about our upcoming trip for quite a while now, particularly the Rome segment.

We hope you watch it too.”The music is epic, but the action is another matter: I've been watching for awhile now, and the most exciting thing so far has been Ganders shifting position to face left instead of right.

To satisfy our desperate need to answer these questions, we’ve set up the Bio Ware Goose Cam, which will monitor Ganders 24/7 as she tends to her nest.