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17 Apr

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In 2005, the West Coast Choppers founder, now 47, tied the knot with Bullock, now 52, after meeting her while she was touring the set of his Discovery Channel show, Monster Garage.

“I really don't like the name anymore,” she says, sitting in an almost-deserted hotel restaurant just outside the tizzy of Toronto International Film Festival, where she’s come to promote the indie horror film returns for a third outing November 20—and Wilson will return with it as Alison Bailey, one of four people in a complicated, drawn-out love quadrangle that also features co-stars Dominic West (Alison’s new husband, Noah), Maura Tierney (Noah’s ex-wife, Helen) and Joshua Jackson (Alison’s ex-husband, Cole).

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WATCH: Ellen Pompeo Talks 'Grey's Anatomy' Without Patrick Dempsey "And wait- my TV husband has a new TV wife?? The one thing we do know, however, is that Oh does support her on-screen beau's new love.

And we particularly miss her 'complicated' relationship with Kevin Mc Kidd's Owen Hunt. "I don't think she'd come back for anything long term, but who the hell knows? I think she's happy he married another Canadian actress."It's been eight years since Kevin joined as army veteran Owen Hunt, but he still feels like a newbie."You never can tell where a job is gonna end up," he said. I can't believe it's 8 years, honestly it feels like yesterday, I still feel like the newcomer."I look around and I'm like, 'I'm one of the senior members of the show! It's very strange, I've never had a gig this long, and it looks like it's gonna continue for longer.

Let's hope he's right."I'd love it if she came back, I think she might eventually for fun, for maybe a couple of episodes," he told Digital Spy.

He made me look good, he protected me and taught me a lot. He scooped me up, put his arm around me, moved me into a private room and so much came out. Because it was a celebration, it was this beautiful champagne in a box, and on it is an anatomical heart and a "10." It's was like, "Here's my heart in a box for a celebration. This is my gift of thanks." It was inscribed on the back with a card, too.

I walked into the OR with this gift for Linda Klein, our medical adviser, and just started crying.