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26 Jan

Learn English as a foreign language Improve your English with Skillswise An overview of languages spoken across the British Isles Learn Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Ulster Scots, Cornish, Manx, Guernésiais Bitesize revision GCSE English, French, Spanish, German, Welsh, Irish Standard Grade French, English, Gaelic All other resources on this page can complement the secondary curriculum Primary French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese Class clips Short videos taken from BBC programmes Interactive video dramas for beginners Mi Vida Loca Real Spanish, real drama.

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In our Department of German we offer courses for immigrants and foreign nationals wishing to learn German.If you are intending to take up residence in Germany we recommend our integrations courses.But if you are only planning a temporary stopover in Germany and would like to acquire some knowledge of the language then we offer you varied possibilities.I'm fond of sport, I like travelling, spending time with my friends. Age: 38 Date of birth: Height: 171 cm Weight: 63 kg Hair: dark blond Eyes: green Marital status: divorced Children: yes, daughter 17 years old Profession: logopaedist Education: University Languages: English Character: I am bright, emotional, friendly, communicative and hospitable, I am passionate about yoga, healthy food, gym, cooking, needlework, personal development. I dream of learning to ride, skate and travel the world with my sweetheart.Age: 48 Date of birth: Height: 165 cm Weight: 75 kg Hair: brown Eyes: green Marital status: divorced Children: yes, son 30 years old and daughter 27 years old Profession: nurse Education: secondary medical school Languages: Character: I am kind and positive. I like cooking, going to restaurants, museums and theaters.