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03 Apr

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1656 - 1694 Tower of London) ; (Treasurer of the Navy, sponsered journey which discovered Falkland Islands; eponym; M.

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Concerns: In an extraordinary statement on his love life, Prince Harry, 32, has said he is worried about Meghan Markle's safety following the 'wave of abuse and harassment' she has faced since rumours of their relationship first surfaced two weeks ago Shoppers no doubt did a double-take on the by now familiar glamorous features of the girl Harry revealed this week he had been seeing for 'a few months' as she went around buying what, to them, may have looked like last night's supper.

Yesterday, entirely alone, she was dressed for the British winter looking nothing like the glossy red carpet performer with whom Harry became captivated only four months ago.

Both parties can declare their undying devotion in their "post-racial" love nest.