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21 Mar

Where to begin, I suppose one could look at the film as simply a story, perhaps even docudrama which focuses on the late 1970's porn industry-and what an industry it was!

The other half could focus on the incredible detail one brillant filmmaker can achieve simply by using polyester and *ahem* rubber.

Adventures of Miss-Sweet is the adventures of Sweet Gwendoline brought to life and photographed with stunning beauty! AES Productions has Ken Scott's videos, AES TV and great free samples! Alazars Art is the home of award-winning bondage artist Alazar.

Al's Gals in Bondage features pantyhose encasement, cocooning, and damsel in distress bondage.

Adult Friend Finder has sections for bondage and BDSM personal ads.

Adventure Bound Comix has tons of bondage and fetish themed comics for adults.

Boogie Nights is perhaps one of the greatest examples any would-be filmmaker should take a long hard look at.

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