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09 Mar

Before you configure email address policy in Exchange 2016, the associated SMTP domain name must be configured as accepted domain name. If you open the properties of a mailbox, you will see is now secondary SMTP domain name.

Because email address policy has priority of 1 so it wins.

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This Upgrade has to be done using Exchange Management Shell.Exchange creates a default recipient policy when you install the first server in an organization.During a recent large Office 365 Hybrid Deployment, I came across the issue of many users (400 ) having the ‘Automatically Update E-mail Address based on Recipient Policy’ option unticked.When you install Exchange 2016, a default email address policy is created by default. As you can see above there is default policy created and the status is applied. So make sure you’ve configured accepted domain before configuring email address policy. The email address policy has now been created but not applied. Once it is applied, you can go to recipients features pane and select mailboxes tab.The default email address policy defines email address that consists of user alias and forest root domain name. It is also the primary email address and includes all recipient types. You can see the email addresses now contain SMTP domain name.