Updating a progress bar during php scripts filipina singles dating and chat

04 Mar

This is really the only potential problem for those who don't have root access to their server. But I don't know where I would refer to my script or do move_uploaded_file(). Thanks, Andy Hi, i want to use these beautifull script. Am I misreading the manual where it says: Note that the file upload tracking is not threadsafe at this point, so new uploads that happen while a previous one is still going will disable the tracking for the previous.It's not that difficult to install, but you either have to have root access, or your hosting provider will need to do this for you. Installing APC on your Linux server Installing APC on your Windows server Important: Make sure to include apc.rfc1867 = on in your file after APC is installed. I have installed APC and i m using php version 5.2.3, apache version 2.2.4 . When i upload a file it does not show any error and shows that file has been uploaded successfully, But does NOT upload file in the destination folder. when i am uploading a file , all time during uploading progress bar does not move. i've try this with your code but there is the same problem. apc APC Support enabled Version 3.1.0-dev MMAP Support Disabled Locking type File Locks Revision $Revision: 3.151 $ Build Date Nov 8 2007 Directive Value apc.cache_by_default On apc.enable_cli Off apc.enabled On apc.file_update_protection 2 apc.filters no value apc.gc_ttl 3600 apc.include_once_override Off apc.localcache Off apc.512 apc.max_file_size 50M apc.num_files_hint 1000 apc.report_autofilter Off apc.rfc1867 Off apc.rfc1867_freq 0 apc.rfc1867_name APC_UPLOAD_PROGRESS apc.rfc1867_prefix upload_ apc.shm_segments 1 apc.shm_size 64 apc.slam_defense 0 On apc.stat_ctime Off 0 apc.user_entries_hint 4096 apc.user_ttl 0 apc.write_lock On any idea? Does this mean that this will cause problems with two concurrent file uploads? progress bar for one person fails if another person starts uploading?

The demo is an adaptation this php file upload progress meter.

If you set ob_implicit_flush(true); at the top of the page it will automatically flush any echo or print you do in the rest of the script.

A problem that has plagued web developers for years is how to add real-time information to their applications, such as a progress bar for file uploads.

Of course, it doesn't make sense for pages loading within a second or three, but those import/export/dump/analyze/recode/generate scripts which takes ages.

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