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09 May

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Also funny that a rebkell poster said Seimone's gf is fine. I see that those pics have mysteriously disappeared. Even so, I dont think I would have posted the link. Its not banging tho, maybe they were older because she was thin but not too much definition.^^ a) I'm not a football fan and even I think you're weird. I could imagine her thinking everyone is in love with her.

Six hours after filming the first half of his film, the mysterious …

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I just think it's interesting that people supply all these sordid motives for why she spent time in Russia, when it was for a simpler more obvious reason. At least Lauren has the whole drama-queen thing going on.

If you check out her twitter accnt there are pics posted of her and her g/f. The last time they lined up shoulder to shoulder was in May when Jackson was a bridesmaid at Batkovic-Brown's wedding on Cronulla beach."I'll probably be the bridesmaid forever...' Jackson sighed. The money was definitely good, I see why she made that decision.