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30 Apr

However, the EL34-powered AC30 was short lived, and a new AC30 version appeared in late 1959.

This second generation AC30/4 had two channels with two inputs, hence the "4" in the model name, and a single tone control, and was powered by a quartet of EL84 (6BQ5) power tubes, making it truly a doubling of the AC15 power amp circuit.

I have a Vox Panther bass that I want to sell and I am trying to determine its value. Jim, Parkersburg, WV, USA (Sorry, I could not get the pics uploaded) Vox over years has had three plants, the main one being in the UK.

It has a serial number of 283638 but I read somewhere that serial numbers were randomly assigned. The guitar market went crazy with the Beatles,the Stones and many more. A new plant was opened in Italy in the mid 1960's then a plant in Japan in the early 1980's.

3) The entire start to finish process of bringing an amplifier to life, including production totals.

4) The details of each of the Vox amplifier models, covering their developments and circuits.

There are many factors that can affect the value of your vintage guitar.

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1) The history of Vox, set against the larger history of guitar amplifiers and British and American Music.

2) A series of chapters on all of the parts that make up Vox amplifiers, such as cabinets, coverings, speakers, grillcloths, valves, handles, stands, etc.