Chat and shag n i

05 May

Brayo, one of my buddies seems to be really good with females. Acha ntamchapia nimwambie kuna beshte yangu anamdai.” He shows me her picture and it gets me super-excited.

He’s one of those guys who were born with the charm to attract chicks. She’s short and dark with those curvy legs that form a tight grip around a man’s waist in bed. A day later, Brayo sends me her number saying the girl is willing to talk to me. We then get to the habit of chatting all the time and after four days of getting to know each other, she agrees to come to my place. I rush from the lecture hall to buy something for us to eat as well as clean my keja before she sets foot in it.

And you'll spend the rest of your life wandering around on all fours looking for the light switch. And then at closing time they give him a wage packet. Richie: [looking disgusted] And they let children play this, you say? Richie: Well, it's the season of goodwill and peace on Earth, so I thought I'd chop both its feet off, rip out its innards, strip it, shove an onion up its arse and bung it in a very hot place for four hours until its completely burnt.

If you don't shut up and let me watch "Miss World" I'm going to stuff your head up your bum. My main castles are scattered all over the place, you know, ‘cause I never know where I’m going to be…‏ bloody fox hunts go on for ever these days, don’t you find? Start off in “Burke—shire”, end up in, ah, eh eh, Twat—shire! And apparently, if a prawn goes all the way he turns into a queen!

I am a first year student at KU and I haven’t gotten laid since I joined the institution in September.

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A recent government crackdown now means Ireland has one of the most hardline anti-pirate policies in Europe, and few major stations survive. In the 1980s however, most major stations broadcast on both MW and FM.

My tongue is a stroke of fire, my hands are everywhere on her body, too excited to settle on one place.

Hunger heats the air, fills her body and whips around her like forked fingers of lightning. I can’t believe I am finally about to get laid for the first time since I joined campus. I groan against her lips and let my tongue dip past them, feeling hers waiting, tangling against me like damp silk and sending my senses spinning.

He’s not like some of us who had to learn seduction techniques and do plenty of practice to become good. At around pm, she texts me, “Nimeshuka mat, kam unichukue”. We’ve been sex-chatting intensely even when she was on the matatu so as soon as we arrive, she knows what to expect. My lips steal her words as a hungry groan fills the air.

So one day as we are eating lunch at KM (a marketplace behind KU), I ask him if he can give me a ‘through pass’ to one of his hot lady friends. When I close the door, I hold her and lean my head towards hers, since she’s a little shorter. I bet she can feel my cock straining beneath my jeans, pressing against her stomach when she draws my head down to her. My groan and her whimpering cry of need intertwine.