Updating blackjack ii

27 Jan

This update for the Alltel Touch (HTC) flashes the handheld's ROM with a new image, version 3.04.671.2. A support and contains software updates and add-ons including Bluetooth performance improvements, system-wide stability and performance enhancements, and new video message options.

My colleague Miles Gustafon had the same issues (removing batteries and resetting etc).

Your Treo 800w comes with Bluetooth 2.0 and you can use it with various Bluetooth headsets and car kits for hands-free calling experience.

This update for the Samsung SCH-i760 (Verizon Wireless) flashes the handheld's ROM with a new image which updates the operating system to Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, adds You Tube video support, and fixes a number of issues with the previous ROM version.

On Saturday morning I picked up the new device (Samsung i617) freshly off the plane from the US (thanks to e Bay and Bloomdeal).

Here it is on my desk next to outgoing Palm Treo 750: Commentary on the device: I then went to test GPS, which turned out to be quite a chore.