Civ 5 achievements not updating steam

14 Feb

Luckily it's easy to check: [1583394.767] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_ARCHIMEDES_LEVER = 1 [1583394.767] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_MARKOV_ECLIPSE = 3 [1583394.767] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_PROMETHEAN = 7 [1583394.767] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_TECTONIC_ANVIL = 0 [1583394.767] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_QUANTUM_COMPUTER = 3 [1583394.767] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_NANOTHERMITE = 3 [1583394.767] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_ARMASAIL = 1 [1583394.767] DBG: Steam Stat: ESTEAMSTAT_XENOMALLEUM = 1 This would tell you that you have built the Tectonic Anvil zero times, so it's the wonder you are still missing.The other parts of the file are pretty much self-explanatory too when you know what you are looking for.The only reason I can think it might not have counted is that we were teamed up against the computers who were free-for-all.We played two normal games before that, and I'm curious if those even counted towards my achievement progress.A good example of this is the Valley of the Time Tombs achievement that requires you to build all wonders.Which ones have been built and which ones do you still need to build?Take ‘One More Turn’ in Civilization VIWe’re excited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Civilization franchise by announcing Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, the next entry in the award-winning turn-based strategy franchise.

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Some achievements require you to do a series of tasks in order for to unlock them.

Sid Posted 1 year ago by Michelle-Louise Janion Wondrous: The Civilization V Community Patch Project The last big official update to Sid Meiers Civilization V came in 2013 with its second large expansion, "Brave New World".

Three years later, and almost six years after the game's original release, there's another big new release expected, but it's not an official expansion.

So I have been grinding this game out ever since it became available to download and I already only need 3 achievements.

Since the start I've been tracking my achievement percentage on the Xbox app on my phone refreshing it every time i got something done.