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05 Mar

“This is a project that is completely commercial – there’s no Government grant, there’s no subsidy. “Clean coal is absolutely competitive with any form of renewable energy out there.At , I would say clean coal would be much cheaper than any other renewable forms of electricity. Next month they plan to start taking people from the industry around the plant, with Mr Sharma saying: “Seeing is believing.But when we get into a conversation, after a point, they start talking in Hindi and apologise for putting up a fake picture,” says, 22-year-old physiotherapist, Esha.

This Bangkok shopping guide is for the intrepid but, with a stout heart, a good map and a stouter bag, you'll be bulk ordering bags, belts, jeans and blouses like the pros in no time. The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2016 runs till 15 August so grab your shopping bags and dive in."There's no reason why women cannot come into Formula One; there's nothing stopping young girls coming in, as drivers, as technicians – send your CV in." "Traditionally roles in F1 have been regarded as quite 'male'.A lot of industries are regarded as male-dominated – jobs for the boys – but as society has developed and progressed, women think they can do jobs that men can do and quite rightly so.Her optimistic comments are, refreshingly, the complete antithesis of Sir Stirling Moss' outburst earlier this year.The British racing legend provoked outrage by suggesting women are not mentally tough enough to compete in F1.