Vb net code for updating access database

22 May

The object model can be pictorially described as: The data residing in a data store or database is retrieved through the data provider.

Net applications for retrieving, accessing and updating data. Net object model is nothing but the structured process flow through various components.

Select Command = Ole Db Select Command Dim Address Book Data Set As System.

Tables(0) ' ensure data Table not empty If data Table.

A data provider is used for connecting to a database, executing commands and retrieving data, storing it in a dataset, reading the retrieved data and updating the database. Net consists of the following four objects: Data Adapter This is integral to the working of ADO.

Net since data is transferred to and from a database through a data adapter.

After i run my .aspx, i check the database table but still data not updated. You can use Execute Non Query method to execute the update query You can modify and use the below code Thanks for helping Terry! My database consist of a table called Credential with 4 fields Username, Password, Login Flag and Session ID SELECT STATEMENT seems fine but UPDATE is NOT working. Select statement is fine so the connection to the ms database is working fine. So if #1 and #2 doesn't help, double check which file exactled is used by your app... i try with and without WHERE clause but still cannot update. Write(sql Str) cmd=new Ole Db Command(str Sql,cnn) ' Added cmd. However, this was in his original cide, which should better not be used...

But each thing will happen, before the data is stored in the database. We have a list of books wrote on the paper, and we want to add a couple of books more, but later we discovered that one book is not needed, and 2 seconds later, we see that the name of a book, is wrong, spell mistakes.

In this case I added, deleted, and modified a list of books wrote on a paper.

Some restrictions are also there in this application to perform these operations for better results and access.

Dim changes As Data Table Try Dim cmdbuilder As Ole Db Command Builder = New Ole Db Command Builder(Data Adapter) cmdbuilder. Update(Data Table) ' use your update statement or the following two statements changes = Data Table. Get Changes() If changes Is Not Nothing Then Data Adapter. I need to do all of this, before save it into the data base. " id="ctl00_m_m_i_ctl00_gr_ctl13_bestanswerbody" class="textarea-bestanswerhidden" name="bestanswerbody" answerbody Id="5368086" / Hmm, so what other choices I have?