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27 Jan

However, the Georgia Supreme Court has said that it's perfectly legal to put non-sex-offenders onto a sexual offender list.Again, no one is saying folks like this shouldn't be punished for their crimes -- but this goes beyond punishment for the crime he committed.I didn’t believe my Father when he told me: “You’re 30 now. I was observing and writing about their relationships, jobs and challenges they take on. It seems that the sexual revolution has not reached Georgia.That’s how “Love in Georgia” (published only on Polish Georgian site) was born. Its last stop was in Transcaucasia – the outside world and maybe in capital city – Tbilisi. A lot of them are Macho types sporting gold neck chains and paunches.

His lengthy sentence is well-deserved,” said United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates.The question of registered sex offenders lists is a tricky one -- because for those people who really do commit sexually-driven crimes against minors, it's hard to be even remotely sympathetic to any complaints they have about the punishment they receive.The problem is that so many things are considered sexual offenses these days that many people are put on the list, and must live with it for life, for something that most people may consider a youthful indiscretion, rather than something that automatically should brand them to neighbors as a possible child molester.“The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office will always remain vigilant when it comes to those who choose to prey on our children.The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office Internet Crimes Against Children Unit has and will continue to work hard to rid our communities of these predators,” said Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith.