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13 May

Competitive cheerleader and pageant model who became the girlfriend of Matty B. She isn't particularly active on social media, however a number of Twitter fan pages have been launched.

She appeared in the music videos for Matty B's singles "Hooked on You" and "Ms.

Jessica Landström, Sweden, forward The 26-year-old Swede joined the national team in 2007.

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Banks apologized sincerely to the judge on Tuesday, saying “I just wanted to apologize for being tardy”.Wearing a sweatshirt and not much makeup, her younger self looks away from the camera and mumbles a little. Yet when I asked her whether any of the comments stuck with her, she turned thoughtful. Dutifully, she recited, “Personality is what really matters.” Were her parents onboard with the POU video? But I know I’m not because my mom is a MILF and my dad is a DILF.” Talking to this girl didn’t help me get any closer to pinpointing what’s wrong, or right, with the POU videos.It’s sad that young girls are so preoccupied by their physical appearance.And among those players are several out and proud stars as well.So, in case you want to root on your national team and the ladies who play for , here’s a look at the World Cup’s out lesbian and bisexual players.