Dating a musician support group

10 Apr

To women, male rockers have the same mystique and allure that strippers have for men.They’re on stage, everyone wants one and almost nobody gets one.When I spent time with singer Janelle Monae a couple of years ago, she raved about her mentor and about how much his influence and trust had affected her career.Here are nine protégés who prove just how influential Prince really was: Vanity's (real name Denise Matthews) biggest hit was her 1982 tune "Nasty Gal," which was written and produced by Prince.In his spare time, Adams enjoys dabbling in landscape photography in the mountains, tinkering with his vintage Ford Mustang and enjoying the view from his getaway home in the forested hills near Eugene, Ore.Over the years we’ve seen countless relationships come and go and we’ve noticed a trend. Now, we are generalizing here, there are many musicians who have perfectly good, successful long-term relationships, it’s just that these are the exception to the rule.Relationships with musicians have all the same problems as other people have but some of them are more exaggerated.

You’re lucky he is using the quarter to call you, instead of buying gas or food. Never say anything negative about your man’s band that you cannot say to him.

Many musicians consider themselves artists and as such, they are elitist, thinking they are better or smarter than most people.

This commonly leads them to believe they can live differently than most people and it’s OK because they are “artists.” These guys (and gals) think it’s OK to get high a lot and that society owes them something, so they shouldn’t have to work normal jobs.

Indeed the successful stage musician (of either sex) can take his pick of attractive young women in the crowd.

This is part of the problem as we’ll explain later.