Who is proudlock dating

29 Mar

Meanwhile, Amber attempts to seduce Francis in order to get him on side for her business ideas, and Caggie returns to comfort Millie.

Louise finally realises she’s fallen for Spencer again as he prepares to go on a date with Binky, whilst Amber attempts to charm Francis into a business deal.

Binky and Cheska meet Ollie’s new girlfriend, Chloe but are disappointed at Ollie’s lack of compassion towards Gabriella.

Following rumours that Hugo has cheated, Cheska raises her concerns to Louise, who then tells Millie to watch her back.

Binky and Cheska are shocked when Gabriella announces she’s making a music video for her new song and casts an Ollie lookalike for it.

Proudlock seemed pretty pleased with his own physique as he showed off his golden tan while shirtless.

He wore a short pair of camouflage shorts and a pair of round shades as he flashed an inking on his bicep.