Forte agent slow updating groups

28 Apr

Do you use multiple Usenet providers or one that has multiple servers?

Agent will allow you to download headers and messages without worrying about which server its coming from.

There is also an advantage of many news servers along with e-mail accounts.

If the user finds news with missing parts, then Forte Agent becomes a big help by combining all the missing chunks from different servers to give complete news.

nntp:// Works for me using Agent - ~7500 messages available.

If you need more information please contact the developers of Forte Agent (Forté Inc.), or check out their product website.Slightly off topic but I can't find out who to contact.I've just installed Thunderbird, Lightning and the google calendar plugin.The user can send any number of mails through many STMP servers and POP accounts. Along with that there is no fear of trojans and viruses.Here junk messages are removed with no threat to ethical messages by the help of the Agent, which combines identity management and Bayesian Statistics.