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03 Apr

Leviticus ) Explanation: If a person is already standing when a elderly person enters the room he should remain standing, and not sit down in order to stand up.

However, we ask that you contact us beforehand for permission ([email protected] 972-2-581-0315), and then send us a sample issue. Eric Horowitz @com sent in the following riddle: The Torah in Parshat Terumah speaks of the components and vessels of the Mishkan/Tabernacle.“We believe that the challenge now is to gain deeper understanding of the communication protocols that arise and to see what other real applications we can solve with this approach." In the riddle, 100 prisoners stand in line, one in front of the other, each wearing either a red hat or a blue hat.Every prisoner can see the hats of the people in front but not their own hat, or the hats worn by anyone behind.I started making games in January 2013, and my work as a designer addresses intersectional feminist issues.[Photo by Jess Marcotte] For this year’s Queerness and Games conference, I was there to showcase a game called The Truly Terrific Traveling Troubleshooter, which is a physical/digital hybrid game about emotional labour, radical softness, and the “traveling other.” What I mean by emotional labour is “the frequently invisible work of caring, keeping others’ in mind and taking their needs into account, managing one’s own mood and masking so-called ‘unpleasant’ emotions for the benefit of others, managing other people’s emotions, both by not causing upset to begin with and by helping others feel better, and any number of other activities in line with these that are far too many to count” (Marcotte and Squinkifer 2017).