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07 Mar

See, Al was a good guy…a great guy even…he cared deeply and loved Deidre…and Deidre knew it too…but that wasn’t her problem.

I’m not exactly sure when certian people in the frum community decided to make tznius into the cause of all the calamities that befall the Jewish people, but it seems that the two major causes of evil in this world is the lack of tznius and the gays.

When you think about it, it's a lot easier to "ease into" being Jewish through beginning in a liberal community. Going from being a secular person to being an orthodox Jew is a lot like going 0 to 90 in 2.5 seconds. On an intellectual level, I think there are real philosophical issues that cause so many converts to seek a second (or third!

But am I potentially in over my head, or can a relationship like this have a chance of success? (Don't you love these stereotypical Jewish answers?1) Remember to look in the mirror before leaving the kitchen.2) Tznius magnets will help you remember not to wear anything with color in it. 4) Do not stand under street lights, lest your sex become illuminated.If you ask the average Jew-on-the-street (of any movement! I grew up Reform and am now trying to learn more about being observant. He appreciates that I am taking classes to learn more, and am willing to advance slowly in terms of observance.