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22 May

At first, she was a little shy, so it took her a long time to undress, but when she finally did, the real sexy party began.She started sucking and licking a big dildo while her young body was exposed.I saw that the Billboard Music Awards were happening on social media because I sometimes check out social media when trying to find content to jerk off to – because instagram may be marketed as a publicly traded company – a subsidiary of facebook – but it’s porn…every bitch is naked or half naked on the shit…doing splits…or in the shower…just trying whatever they can to get naked enough to not get deleted to secure likes…it’s a weird era.Lea Michele and a bunch of other washed up, played out, irrelevant people were at the show, because that’s what happens when you pay them to be there, and offer them awards in their petty lives.. Hailee Steinfeld Celebrated her Booty There’s a new Deli in town, that’s a reference to Xenia Deli the other Deli who is no longer a Deli because she upgraded to sugar baby of a billionaire…Nude Art21 has requested that the video be removed.The video displayed is of ooh Molly, another insanely hot livecam model, please click on the links beside her video to chat with her live!!!I can’t imagine it being any good, but for some reason seeing Lea Michele celebrate Celine Dion is doing very little for her defending her case that she’s not a gay male, and for some reason…it’s the highlight of the Billboard music awards to me, even though Rita Ora and her dumpy not famous ass, wore a thong…Old Lady Beckinsale wore something see through…FUN…but not really, I prefer my couch. I’ve made all the Deli, Jewish Deli, Deli meat jokes I can about that one and I’m totally going to do the same with this one…

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I just know she’s likely far more dull than this when she does fuck, because narcissists usually are, they are too in love with themselves to give their all, unless they are trying to prove themselves and because if she’d be sleeping with me, she’d be medicated. More but with NIPPLE Lindsay Lohan is such a fucking weirdo…with brown looking teeth…her raspy voice and doughy injected face…I find her inspiring and you should too..

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Not everything has to be negative when looking at what represents all evil in the world, I mean just look at her face, that level of make-up is crazy…that even Kendall…keep in mind we live in a world where movie make-up can make realistic zombies, there’s no reason why it can’t be used to make an average at best look radiant…I like the word radiant…I should use it more often..

Either way, here’s Kendall in Cannes, because she can’t let opportunity or exclusive events pass her by…so classy, so elegant…a lie Bella Hadid is an overrated, second rate at least in comparison to her sister, while trolling the fuck out of the rest of the world by being deemed the look, the model, of the year, and all it took was some simple PR and Marketing, because the public are consumers and will buy anything they are sold.