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09 Mar

Even if you’re not a police officer or criminal justice student, we’ve included a section of apps developed around maintaining public safety and keeping you and your family safe.

Scroll through them all or jump right to the section that is the most relevant to you!

I want to get a divorce, and I am working to get everything in order financially so I can leave. The problem is that I’m not financially ready yet to leave, and our anniversary is coming up.

My husband thinks we should get matching tattoos to prove our commitment to each other. But how can I say no without telling him that I’m actually planning to leave him in about six months?

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Before, I always assumed it was a religious tattoo (he has a lot of tattoos) and never asked, but he volunteered info on almost all the others. He’s got his sexual and dating history on a rosary on his back, come on.

So when he did the “surprise” I thought he was joking and just wanted pearls. He took it very badly (four pearls is the most any girl got, apparently) and won’t talk to me until I apologize.

She has broken away from her family because she says they judge her and she is intent on living her own life.

We’re in our mid-20s, and we’re good together, but am I wrong to think this is a red flag or do I lack empathy? I have not heard of anything quite like this, and you give me hope that there are still a handful of new things left under the sun.

What metric is your boyfriend using for determining how many pearls each girl receives, I wonder?

The app organizes subjects’ personal information (bio-data), gang affiliation, tattoos, piercings, vehicle info and pictures.

Developed for both English and Spanish speakers, this app is a quick reference guide that reminds officers and suspects of individuals’ rights.