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09 Mar

Don't do any 'negging' [a pick-up artist term which means using negative comments to prey on low self-esteem].I'm not going to reply if you say I look better in my photos with long hair, or if you say my job is silly, it's not funny or clever to insult me, we're still strangers don't do it.Increase your website conversion rates by providing real time live support.Once the live chat plugin is activated, click on “Live Chat” in the left menu navigation.You now have the choice to host your live chat on either your own website (using your own resources) or our live chat server (using our resources).

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For this plug-in to work effectively, it requires Android OS 2.2 and above, Yahoo Messenger ver.

Without wasting anymore of your time, lets get going.

IBM has acquired Cognea, a small Australian software company that makes a Siri-like "chat bot." Terms of the deal were not disclosed, and Cognea, which was formerly named My Cyber Twin, hasn't publicly disclosed any venture investment. She previously launched a dot-com-era search engine called Mooter, which went public in Australia and has since crashed, and Toptots Early Learning centres, a parent/child education company she founded in her 20s and sold.

Those customer references no longer appear on that Angel List page.

I mentioned poetry in my profile and a guy started talking to me about that, which was nice because I felt like he was genuinely interested.