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10 Feb

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Connect online with thousands of other users today. However, the program is unable to pass the Imitation Game (more commonly known as the “Turing Test”), as even the casual user will often expose its mechanistic aspects in short conversations. is also one of the strongest programs and ‘most human’ of AI chat robot or chatbot, and has won the Loebner Prize three times (in 2000, 20). An highly interactive and creative session facilitated by UNFPA and Nailab at which participants will co-create as team solutions for SRH-R challenges faced by young people in their daily lives.The session will be inspired by the IAM Innovation Accelerator. AM innovation accelerator was launched by UNFPA in Kenya on June 13th 2016 together with Nailab, a technology driven business incubator, as part of a regional UNFPA SRH-R programme funded by UKAID.