Dating pathe records

31 Mar

The "Salon" records measured 3½ inches in diameter and the larger "Stentor" records measured 5 inches in diameter.The "Le Céleste" records, the largest commercial cylinder records manufactured by any phonograph company, measured 5 inches in diameter by 9 inches long.At first they sold single-sided discs with a recording in wax on top of a cement base.In October 1906 they started producing discs in the more usual manner with shellac.This passion and many years of experience led to the creation of Pathe Wings.We offer you everything you need to lose yourself in the perfect sound of Music.

Pathé operates as a fully integrated studio and has a presence in France, the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

In 1930 Pathé's factory was taken over by Columbia Records in Shanghai and was used to press Odeon and Beka with the manufacturing portion named "China Record Co.

Ltd," and the distributor continued as Pathé Orient.

: Unknown - Path Demo Record () Here's a bit of flotsam from an early media format war.

Pathé records, like Betamax videotapes, may have been technologically superior, but were locked-in to a proprietary technology (vertically cut recording, sapphire ball stylus, incompatible with the majority of gramophones which used steel needles.) Today the 365 Days Project proves the narrator's words (", I will live to speak to your grandchildren, when they are as old as you are") to be true.