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16 May

Also, spreadsheets fall down when the data isn't well-structured or can't be sorted out in neat rows and columns.And, if you have millions of rows or very sparse matrices, then the data in a spreadsheet can be painful to enter and it can be hard to visualize your data.Finally, spreadsheets aren't good for data exploration; trying to spot trends, outlying data points, or counterintuitive results is difficult when what you are looking for is often hidden in a long row of numbers.While spreadsheets and self-service BI tools both make use of tables of numbers, they are really acting in different arenas with different purposes.But there's a type of dating site scam that's far trickier to spot, and the people who operate it claim to be making thousands of dollars every month fooling vulnerable men.Business Insider obtained a PDF guide that is sold online for just £2.59.

We’ve heard from customers that Share Point Online is a critical part of their company’s data communication and dissemination strategy and that to-date it wasn’t easy to include Power BI content there.Creating charts in Excel is often a frustrating hit-or-miss proposition because you don't always know what data you are trying to show at first.You also don't always begin with the right kind of data and oftentimes you don't even know how to interact with the spreadsheet to show your results in the best possible circumstances.Spreadsheets also have issues if you are trying to create a report that spans multiple data tables or that mixes in Structured Query Language (SQL)-based databases, or when multiple users try to maintain and collaborate on the same spreadsheet.Having a spreadsheet that contains up-to-the-minute data can also be a problem—particularly if you have graphics that are exported and need to be refreshed when the data changes.