Who is john king dating

19 Feb

John King has the makings of another Arne Duncan, and on some points (e.g., ESSA Title I state plans), Sen.

Obama and Duncan are obviously disconnected from the trauma that their market-driven, test-score-obsessed education agenda has wreaked upon a public education system about which neither has any firsthand, substantive knowledge. He does not see himself as an appointed official navigating the notorious politics of Albany.“Go the fuck to sleep you psychotic twit,” Garrett responded back. ” The Tweet was immediately deleted, but not before it was screengrabbed and provided to exclusively.The President-elect of the United States, who takes the Oath of Office in only 52 days, has embroiled himself in a number of Twitter controversies over the past several days.He currently works as a CNN chief national correspondent based in Washington DC. John King, who is of Irish descent was born and grew up in Dorchester, Massachusetts.He completed his school level education from Boston Latin School and complete bachelor’s degree in journalism from Harrington School of Communication and Media from the University of Rhode Island.