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14 Apr

I lived here at the time of the murders and remember hearing about them on the radio. Ive recently been reading up on this story and im haunted by this terrible crime and the fact that no one has stepped forward still.

I too would love to hear what Lana has to say in private. I know slot about this case and if I were to speek to the right athorities this time like the FBI not the Plumas county profesional cover up like n I did in 19 then I can gaurenty to everyone that it will no longer be a cold case.

Need help identifying a movie that you just can't remember the name of? As always, Google first, but if you have no luck searching on your own, some of the WP movie buffs may be able to help out.The three were tied up, bludgeoned and stabbed to death.Sue’s 12-year-old daughter Tina was taken from the cabin, but her decomposed remains wouldn’t be found for another three years.Don't know if anyone can help here, but I was up late one night earlier this week in Townsville (not sure which night actually) and was watching this cheesy old B movie about a dentist who fakes his own death and takes his dead twin's discover that his brother was a horribly corrupt ex-CIA agent I know what you're thinking..."Sounds Super! "Adapted from an Appalachian Jack Tale set in the late 1940s, this tale follows a World War II veteran named Jack who, in return for an act of kindness, receives two magical gifts: a sack that can catch anything and a jar that can show whether a sick person will recover or die. :) I think it might have been in England and they were digging a tunnel and found a "Space ship" buried there."lol Anyway, at the ad breaks it was advertising the film as 'Consequences', but I have not been able to find it anywhere. Jack becomes a national hero when he rescues the president's daughter from a serious illness by capturing Death in his magic sack. I remember dream sequences of the alien "Grasshoppers" hundreds of them hopping along, might have been a war.. It's a very long time since I saw it, racking the old brain for memories!!