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30 Apr

Two people getting together because they dig each other, like each other, or love each other. One of the reasons I have not been with a prostitute is because I never thought the women enjoyed it. You need something to get you back on, a slump buster.

I mean think about it: No woman wakes up and says, “Yeah! Now some guys will troll the clubs like a catfish, scraping at the bottom, trying to get anything that they can possibly take home, or they hire a working girl.

However, when cock-happy Marcie wants her sister to be a substitute on a date she’s reluctant to agree.

Marya knows the kind of men she goes out with and what they expect!

Plus, who wants to be the fifth person she has been with that day? A voice in the back of your mind says you can’t get any better than a prostitute. Culture, excitement, energy was abound and I found myself walking around taking everything in.

I have always thought of prostitutes and sex workers being emotionally damaged people that need help, and me being a patron, I would only be hurting them even more. You can only have sex if you are paying someone for it. Well, in my ignorance of TJ, I walked to “The Stroll” or where all the prostitutes were.

A Really Big Fucker by Cristiano Caffieri Alysha is stranded in a cheap South American hotel when she can’t pay the bill.

The sleazy manager offers her the choice of working it off in the laundry or giving him a blowjob.

“[Cash is] definitely more in the vein of a gift than a transaction.” And to this day, she doesn’t shy away from geezers.

A young girl dressed in a Catholic school uniform who had to be no more than 14, got out and started walking toward the sex workers and my mouth just dropped. It must have been a block and a half long of women just standing around waiting for a customer.

Now that didn’t phase me, because when I lived in Kansas City, I knew where the sex workers hung out. While walking “The Stroll,” an old station wagon filled with a family pulled up for less than a minute.

The Las Vegas-based brunette, who’s casually dating a 35-year-old, Maserati-driving day trader, wants to help inexperienced women have a forum for basic questions about the lifestyle.

“It’s so nice to be able to help women.” Sara-Kate’s been doling out advice since the site launch — and has the experience to back it up.