Updating ibook g4

22 Apr

i know its old but i cant update my itunes, safari, or other application that need 10.5 or higher so please help me find one.

If your unit does not have at least a 850Mhz processor then updating the OS will be impossible.

The 14" 1.42 also increased the front side bus from 133MHz to 142MHz. The i Book G4 was replaced in May 2006 by the Intel Core Duo powered Mac Book.

The G4 i Book Dual USB came in a number of different processor speeds, and with two screen sizes: a 12.1" and a 14.1" version.

Providing best-in-class graphics capabilities, each i Book G4 offers ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 graphics with 32MB of dedicated DDR memory and AGP 4X support for gaming and watching DVDs.

The i Book G4, with a sleek polycarbonate plastic enclosure weighing as little as 4.9 pounds, is made even more durable with slot-load optical drives.

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This page contains information about installing the latest Apple Power Book G4 (Titanium) driver downloads using the Apple Driver Update Tool.

You're the same tard who claimed that you need a Mac-compatible external hard drive for a Mac, something that is laughably false to anyone with three functioning braincells. Unfortunately, the one you'd need isn't possible and wouldn't be possible on anything with a Power PC CPU. Many pieces of free software (ie, Skype) still provide older versions of their software that runs on Power PC CPUs.

CUPERTINO, California—April 19, 2004—Apple® today updated its popular i Book® G4 lineup for consumers and education customers with Power PC G4 processors running at up to 1.2 GHz and an optional DVD-burning Super Drive™.

since apple now has snow leopard they took out the os x leopard software i cant find it besides ebay and amazon with a high price.

i'm trying to find a free download or a real cheap software to update my ibook g4.