Barbee and beenie man dating

27 Jan

Hence, she invites her “sexy young stud” to move in, raising concern in her housekeeper and other curious onlookers.

But is Donald, who hails from the ghetto, too good to be true? ’ Almost immediately, the gossip and prejudice come into sharp focus.

Tomlinson shared a photo on social media of the two on Saturday with the caption, “Me and Mr. Celebrating life, love, health and happiness with this beautiful soul. Heart of GOLD but he said "A silver a dweet"🤗😍 @kingbeenieman pitcha time!

Heart of GOLD but he said “A silver a dweet” @kingbeenieman pitcha time! Beenie, 42, real name Anthony Moses Davis and Tomlinson, 26, have been dating for months now, the two were spotted as far as January kissing in public at Rebel Salute 2016.

Despite mounting rumors of late about the involvement of embattled dancehall couple Beenie Man and D’Angel, both were denying their back together. The doctor confirmed rumours that he and his wife were again a couple, and showcased why this angel was able to clasp her wings around ‘Di Girls Dem Sugar’.Among the wild rumours making the rounds is that Barbee was jealous because Beenie Man was flirting with a girl, but Alexander dismissed it claiming that most of the girls around were friends to both parties.The drama didn't stop there though, because after Barbee left abruptly and Beenie Man discovered what happened he confronted his brother..good sense prevailed and that too was squashed down.Bar-Bee was born in Jamaica of Jamaican and Nigerian parents. At the young age of five Bar-Bee began singing and writing poems.By the age of eleven she would go on to become a leader of her church choir.