Aedating v3

16 Mar

Danach SSD Webhosting Basic 9,99€/Monat und SSD Webhosting Professional 24,99€/Monat.

Vertragslaufzeit aller Tarife liegt bei 12 Monaten. Mit dem Social-Network CMS Dolphin lassen sich Soziale Netzwerke in großem Ausmaße realisieren.

Open your ae Dating file 'inc/php' and replace line 572 with the following code, if ($logged['member']) else Open your ae Dating file 'inc/menu_design_php' and replace line 181, $ret .= Menu Item("_green",_t("_Chat"), "", "aechat.php", $site[url] ); With this code instead, $_v3_ = db_arr( "SELECT * FROM `Profiles` WHERE ID = $_COOKIE[member ID]" ); $ret .= Menu Item("_green", _t("_Chat"), "javascript:'

Mit der Software werden Ihnen keine Grenzen gesetzt.

We are now offering the Smile Text Component as a separate component for Flash developers who need a smile textarea for their Flash projects.

The Smile Text Component includes 100% of source code, an API, all files, and free upgrades.

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