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27 Apr

The sstoi.indices file (containing the Nino 1 2, 3, 3.4 and 4 SSTs and anomalies) can be utilized for the model as is.

Important Note: This ship is not yet present in Elite: Dangerous and information about it is limited.

With a Youth or Senior Clipper card, you can receive discounts on monthly passes, ride books, tickets, cash value fares and transfers.

The maximum age to qualify for discounted fares varies by transit agency.

Not only does each organization need to reinvent the analytics wheel, but the current analytic conditions means the resulting analytics cannot be compared effectively.

Each organization counts different things in different ways.

To see the list of IMS certified conformant products, visit: participants should contact us.

Youths aged 5 through 17 and Adults 65 and over are eligible for a free Youth or Senior Clipper card (must add e-cash or monthly pass to use VTA services).

To run ENSO-CLIPER to get a forecast based upon current conditions, one must have an updated copy of two files from the U. Climate Prediction Center: "sstoi.indices" and "soi". The files are available from their web site at CPC.

Both files must start with the year 1950 and are monthly values.

The user of the program specifies which of these five predictands one wishes to get predictions for. for events that have already happened) back to an initial date of 1 January 1951 or in real-time mode (i.e.

using the most recent complete month for the starting point).