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14 Mar

She said: "The eight people were picked based on certain features that they already had naturally.

"Obviously to make it really effective they went into some detail to really match them up to be clones such as making their hair colour the same.

Lianne, 28, said: "It sounded like a fun and interesting thing to be a part of so I filled in the application." The show, which Lianne filmed last November, offers a completely new concept.

Lianne explained: "Each week features a different group of singletons on the show.

Down the years, Glasgow has been so careless with its architectural heritage that you’d almost think the Council had it in for anything gracious and gorgeous.

To paraphrase Oscar Wild: “To lose one great building may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose so many looks like carelessness.” A case in point would be this neo-classical Byres Road beauty, the former Hillhead Burgh Halls.

This was all a far cry from the area’s humble beginnings.

Byres and bishops With Glasgow University only recently having relocated from its ancient home off Glasgow’s High Street, and the West End welcoming an influx of wealthy and middle class families, all eager to escape the city’s polluted air, Hillhead experienced a building boom, with fine flats, terraces, and villas popping up almost overnight.

Designed by Lanarkshire born George Bell, of local firm Clarke and Bell, and opened in 1871, the Halls were built when the up and coming burgh of Hillhead still lay outside the Glasgow City boundary.

As well as a public hall, the building also accommodated the Burgh Court, Fiscal's office and Police office, complete with cells.

A travel campaign group compiled figures of relatively high number of collisions compared to the amount of cycling activity.

Out of twenty the Glasgow hotspots featured by Sustrans Scotland were the Pollok roundabout, Cathedral Street and Springhill Parkway both on the A8.