Scams russian nigeria dating women

12 Mar

Although she did not want to add up the piles of money orders because she "doesn't want to know" the documents show she made 20 payments ranging between 0 and almost ,000 between August 2015 and February.

She has now complained to police, in a bid to recover at least some of the money, and is speaking out in the hope she can help others.

A Perth woman who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in a Nigerian online romance scam has recovered part of the money after a police investigation.

The ABC understands she has recovered about 0,000, or 40 per cent of the money she transferred overseas.

" she said."And I think it's not the what or the who, it is the when.

It's when a person has a little chink in their armour that someone can get in, and it festers and they make the most of it."Detective Sergeant Blackshaw said efforts to stop overseas scams targeting Australians need to be made on a national scale."The scammer in West Africa is going to look at an Australian as an Australian," he said."They are not going to look at them as a West Australian or a South Australian.

that are to be discussed, you can e-mail those to us beforehand so we can look at them so you can have your conversation with our expert at a mutually convenient time. For this report, our trained private investigator will search through public records and answer all those nagging questions you may have about your Russian Internet date.

Information such as : *real place of residence, the address of registration; *passport information; *if the person is married or living with someone; *family, children; *property ownership (apartment, country house, etc); *criminal record check. With more and more people chatting online and finding their partners through online dating sites, it is a little difficult to smell a genuine person from a scammer.

The photos may simply be downloaded from someone's home website.

The Nigerian scammers had stolen a photo off a website and had created a fictitious profile for Gary, who claimed to be in love with her and needed money for a business-related crisis.

"We developed a relationship online fairly rapidly, and fairly rapidly he started requesting money and I sent those sums of money after about six weeks," she said.

Rather than e-mailing or messaging, we find it a lot more time efficient to talk on Skype.

If there are e-mails and/or copies of correspondence from a man or woman, or links to profiles, etc.